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Drummond Montessori ACT Program

This past fall, we all live here project founder Rich Alapack met with the staff at Drummond Montessori and together we brainstormed a public art project for the school. While brainstorming, it was decided that our art project should help identify that Drummond is a Montessori school. To accomplish that, we came up with the idea to create life-size sandpaper letters in Montessori script that reads "we all live here" and put them on the west facing fence. Then we decided that to further beautify the school we should paint a mural on the west facade featuring the Pink Tower.

Next, Rich came to Drummond Montessori and did 3 assemblies with the students. He taught the kids some basic graphic design and then each student drew their own ideas for a project logo. Mrs. Rejman helped the students refine their designs and further influenced Drummond's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and community. In total, over 300 student designs were submitted and their ideas resulted in the logo below:

Finally, we created products featuring the project logo in order to raise the funds to do the art project. These are the limited edition products that are only available during February with all proceeds going fund the completion of this art project. Thank you to everyone for being awesome parents that have awesome kids attending an awesome school.