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about us

Men and Women. Young and Old. Gay and Straight. Black and White. Tall and Short. Rich and Poor. Disabled and Able. Dog and Cat. We all live here together. Our differences and uniquenesses make us all better. We should embrace this fact and enjoy each other responsibly.

We started we all live here because too many things have become reasons for us not to get along and we wanted to change that. We believe our phrase is on the tip of people's tongues and if we create ways to help share, spread, and get involved with our message that people will.

Our mission is create opportunities that allow people to get along and help each other succeed by using art, community and technology. By working with schools on public art projects that incorporate our phrase as a theme we will be helping a new generation grow up with line of thinking hard wired into their thoughts. By creating larger public art projects that inspire kids to dream big we will also be creating opportunities that allow people who want to do something to help solve issues like hatred, racism, and violence the ability to contribute. 

Thanks for your support!

we all live here