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What if team building had a bigger purpose? What if bringing your employees closer together could also make them more creative or foster diversity and inclusion? Well it can. We will work with your company to design a custom experience that involves as many people as necessary, fits your desired timeline and at your budget. Want to go even further? We can involve your team in one of our ACT program projects at a school in your company's community. 

Pictured is a custom project we did for UI LABS, a manufacturing innovation center in Chicago. Their HR lead wanted a team building exercise that somehow used our positive and inclusive message but that would engage ALL of their people. We listened and then laser cut a 60 foot wide life size puzzle in their font and colors. Their CEO pulled our founder aside and pointed at the room saying "It's 8:30 PM on a Friday and everyone is still here. That NEVER happens."

Contact us at to find out more about bringing the positive inclusivity to your company.