we all live here's ACT program uses Art, Community, and Technology to instill hope and possibility into today's youth through public art projects. We crafted this program to be a unique school offering and as such it is nothing like existing programs. 

We work with schools to conceive, plan, construct, and unveil a unique public art project incorporating our phrase we all live here for each participating school.

The only requirements are that the desired project uses our phrase as a theme, is installed publicly so we have the excuse to involve local leaders and entrepreneurs and finally that we have an unveiling ceremony to celebrate the positive and inclusive art we created together.

After we have a project in mind, we all live here will do an assembly for the entire population. This age tailored program teaches kids K-12 how to bring an idea to life based on design principles, community building, and crowdfunding skills that afterwards, they can apply throughout their lives to make their own dreams come true.

All participating students will help design a logo for their school. This is not a design exercise to choose a winner. It's an exercise that develops student ownership of the phrase's meaning but the ideas the students create serve to share what the phrase means to them in their school community. An official logo is then designed for each school with these ideas in mind which we will use to create products that can be sold to fundraise for the project.

When product sales are not projected to meet our fundraising needs, we augment them via crowdfunding and sponsorship options to raise the money on behalf of the participating schools. We encourage LSC's and other school groups to get involved so that we can all be proud when the project is complete. 

Want to get a school started with ACT? Please let us know via the form below: