Is your business looking for a way to unite and engage your employees? Or to simply help spread a positive message of equality, inclusivity and unity in your community? Why not do that through we all live here? Whether you are a small business, large organization or well-known brand, we offer many ways for your organization to get involved to help spread this message.
Fully Baked Community Service Days
Team Building or Company Anniversary Projects
Employee and Customer Engagement Projects
Event Based Engagement Projects
Continuous Employee Community Engagement Projects
Speaking Engagements and Workshops
Sometimes the best way to motivate your employees is through a simple message. Founder, artist and activist of we all live here, Rich Alapack, will discuss the power of mantras, and how they can inspire change for the better, one person at a time. 
The sky is the limit if we all work together. Sometimes we just need a reminder of the amazing that's possible when the circumstances are just right and we come together to help out. Often it's only a simple of amount of care that takes something good and makes it great. Let's do something great together.